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When looking for a Minecraft server to play on, there are seemingly endless options on listing websites, with no clear answers about if the servers in question are worth playing on. As a result, people very often join server after server in search of one for their needs and tastes. This takes a lot of time and energy joining many of the wrong ones, hoping to get it right.

This is where we come in. is a website to solve this problem. Searching for a server is now easy, because you can know much more information about which server you are joining, narrowing down your options much more than previously possible.

The same goes for hosting companies, and all other content on this website.

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Currently, the top server listing websites pull in tens of thousands of dollars per month, advertising the largest servers, with absolutely zero objective information about them. Are these even good servers? Are donors allowed to fly in survival? Do they have mature staff? Will I be banned randomly? None of these questions are answered, and players are left hopping on many servers, hoping to find ones they enjoy.

Minecraft Reviews flips that business model on its head.

Instead, our readers will pay our low subscription fee to fund our reviews, and deliver to your inbox, and the website, helpful and informative reviews of servers. Now, when you join a server, you are better informed, and will know ahead of time what to expect.

By subscribing, you will support this business model, and unlock many more reviews, with even more coming soon once we build a larger audience. I believe this model far more helpful, and is worth your reading time and subscription.

The goal of Minecraft Reviews is reviewing servers, not advertising servers.

If you believe in this business model, and have enjoyed reading our free reviews, please subscribe to fund this website, and ensure you, the player, are the priority.

Plenty of servers has unexpected features. We will let you know everything you need to know... before you join!

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