This server is one without rules, where you can do anything you want to do. It's vanilla gameplay without any guidelines for what is allowed. This means griefing, raiding, trolling, and so on, are allowed on here. On my limited time on here, no one replied to my comments or when I welcomed others into the server, despite there being five players online during the time of review.

There were several entities that looked like NPCs (they followed my movement with their head, with no name above their heads). One floated into the side of a lake. I wonder if some of the online players shown were spoofed, but have no way to know for sure, and cannot prove this claim.

The place where I spawned into the server

After joining, I walked around and found the world mostly intact, which surprised me as it's an anarchy server. There is no spawn point where all people start at. Instead, players are distributed around.

On the Planet Minecraft page, it shows as 9 months old. Each time I died, I was also teleported to another location. This must have aided in keeping the spawn area looking less like ruins.

Random NPC that I found here
Anarchy Survival is a Minecraft server that promises its players RAW untouched vanilla gameplay with PvP, a neverending world, and no rules.

That was taken from their Planet Minecraft page. They live up to the their promise during my investigation.

After inspecting their donation store, at the time of writing there are also no game-altering benefits such as flying for donors. This is true of many large servers. Ranks without donations are based on play time.

Taking a look at their commands, the help menu and options are extremely minimal, and very easily understood. This greatly helps people jumping into the server so they can get started right away.

The only commands players will use frequently are /suicide to kill yourself and respawn for whatever reason, and /whisper to communicate privately. Due to no rules and griefing, whispers are important for sending information such as coordinates, when untrustworthy players are online.

In conclusion, this server delivers on its ability to create a vanilla experience, while allowing no server rules. This is done with tweaks like changing the spawn location of players. I recommend this server for anyone wanting an anarchy server with minimal changes to the game.

Interested in joining Connect with, and visit their Planet Minecraft page below. 1.15.2 Minecraft Server
Anarchy Survival is a Minecraft server that promises its players RAW untouched vanilla gameplay with PvP a neverending world and no rules. The world is 62 GB large at this moment with no claims. Griefing raiding and PvP is allowed. With focus laid mainly on ensuring that gameplay is totally raw...