Joining this server you're spawned in the middle of many gameplay options and worlds. Though, this server doesn't bombard it's guests with an overwhelming amount of options. It's all laid out and organized very well.

Staff in the Creeper's Lab community are unusually responsive, friendly and professional. I felt invited to ask questions and become informed about the server. (Disclaimer: I did mention to them at first I was doing a server review.)

On their Planet Minecraft page, they explain how they have been open for over seven years. The posting date on the community fan site backs up their claim, showing their publication date of Feb 3rd, 2013.

Staff and players discussed with me how some of their worlds have not been reset since they were created. When asked how they deal with updates that change the land, they explained how they introduce new worlds, some temporary, to add new items into the game. Other times, worlds are expanded.

As one might expect with such a history, there are some very impressive builds available to explore. All of their builds on this server are created "legit," a staff member told me when asked.

All in all, I highly recommend people try Creeper's Lab for a survival-focused server. All around, this was one of the most impressive servers reviewed on this website.

Connect to the server with:, and visit their website and Planet Minecraft post below.

Creeper’s Lab Minecraft Server
You like Minecraft. You want to create awesome builds. Maybe play with friendly people. And get involved in building contests. All this while surviving nights and discovering new worlds. Then join us today you won’t regret it We’re a Minecraft network and community that has been around for over...
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