EmpireCraft is a SMP server with the goal of creating a friendly small community. Upon joining I was placed in a tutorial with a lot of information to read, and a short quiz on the information at the end of the tutorial. It was difficult to remember all of the details of the information, but the quiz was general enough that all I was required to know were the main ideas (such as if griefing is allowed, and if I can use a hacked client).

This helped me understand the server very well. Though when I typed /help I had pages upon pages about commands, which did not help me find the information I found in the tutorial.

Our goal is to create a friendly and joyful relatively small community, not a massive server.

– EmpireCraft's PMC post

After leaving the tutorial area, I was placed in the server spawn area. Then, one of the server moderators offered to show me around the shop area, which was connected to the spawn castle with a road. Everyone was friendly during the review, answering any questions I had. This shows they live up to their goal of creating a small friendly community.

Once I left the spawn area by typing /wild, I was quickly placed in a wilderness area. The commands for /home and other teleportation, do not have cool-down timers which means that teleportation can be used to easily escape danger, such as mobs, or even lava.

This server's donation perks do not substantially change the game for donors. They help support the server, and offer cosmetic changes, keeping the game fair and even. I believe this is the best form of donation perks.

All in all, I recommend this server for those seeking a friendly, casual survival community. TheCoolBauder, one of the staff moderators, told me that everything on the server is created in survival mode. They deliver on their goal of creating a friendly community and survival-focused game mode.

Interested in joining EmpireCraft? Connect with mc.playempirecraft.com and visit their Planet Minecraft page below, and website here.

EmpireCraft SMP 1.15.2 Minecraft Server
EmpireCraft SMP 1.15.2 IP mc.playempirecraft.com Join us for an exciting survival adventure Our goal is to create a friendly and joyful relatively small community not a massive server. Main Features Vanilla experience Player run shops NO GRIEFING Dynmap Live view of the world including player...
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