As a quest-focused and RPG-style server, this one is different from the previous reviews on Minecraft Reviews. This is one of those servers which has many options, and endless things to do. For a new player, this can be overwhelming. Though, with patients and persistence, all of the details and featuers start to fall into place. Thought and care was put into this server along with years of experience – although this did not go without emphasis on monitization, like many other large servers, as donors gain significant perks. They have been online since 2010!

Immediately upon joining, new players are thrown into a dynamic energency situation. I start in a room with a message telling me to act quickly because water is filling up! It felt very riviting and compelling. This was a quest to welcome new players, and I continued to progress through it.

As I walked through these wooden quarters I heard explosions and mobs from the very start. It was very noisy.

When I found this NPC named "Saben" he showed me how to use the quest featuers, and how to do basic things on Medieval Lords. Walking through the ship-like wooden hallway I learned about "skills" – one I was instructed to activate was called "Sword Sweep."

To complete the starter quest, I had to fight this hoard of wither skeletons. There was no turning back...

Join yourself to find out the conclusion!

Once I got into the server and was able to chat with it's players, everyone I spoke with was friendly. I was immediately invited into a town, after pressing an option that then announced I was wanting to join one.

When starting to explore the server, typing /newbie is a good idea. It shows a helpful interactive menu with a few options – on pressing one of them, a text summary displays a succinct blurb about the topic. With so many options, it can be hard to know how to proceed, so I suggest anyone who joins to make use of that command.

Information for new players, from the command /newbie

Finally, I started on a quest. This server has a focus on towns, quests, and various RPG-style gameplay features. I picked the first quest, and was told to find a sewer to kill "Sewer Spiders" and collect their carcasses.

After spending a while down in the sewers, I found enough of them to complete the quest and leave.

When I went back to complete the quest, I could not figure out how to! So I asked in chat, and was promptly helped by one of the people from the town I was invited into. (To anyone reading this, be sure to right click the NPC with the item collected on the quest, in order for it to be completed!)

Complete a quest by right clicking with the correct item

In conclusion, this server offers a very unique style of Minecraft, a style that makes Minecraft into an RPG-flavored adventure. Such servers often have plugins such as mcMMO, but this one offers vastly more. This one in particular has a very entertaining welcome tutorial/quest that I'll definitely remember.

Note: The donor benefits on this server include giving players the ability to fly in the Nether and in The End. This is something to consider before joining this community.

An extremely old server, this is how their Minecraft Server List website post begins their description.

Medieval Lords is one of the oldest servers out there, est. October 31 2010, and for good reason. Choose between the classes of swordsman, thief, mage, and archer to best suit your playstyle as you fight against some of the most dynamic and complex bosses imaginable. Expand your cookbook and prepare recipes to help you defeat your foes. Choose whether youd like to join the bloodshed as a combatant, or stay to the side and build your town as a passive player.

Note: I am not very experienced with this type of server. As such, this review reflects the perspective of a player who is not very familiar with this style of gameplay – but who has played Minecraft since the Alpha version.

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(This article was updated on April 27th to include donor benefits.)