Update April, 20, 2020: This host's website no longer loads, it looks like they have shut down their business!

I had experience with this hosting company in Alpha or Beta a long time ago, and hearing from others who've had more recent experience with them, the consensus has remained the same: very positive. They are targeting the upper end of the market, with fast, high-quality, dedicated VPS environments for medium-sized servers.


When I used this company, I did not have any performance problems, but my server grew quite quickly and it was only after I surpassed their offerings through my community's growth did I need to find another hosting provider, offering dedicated boxes. They complimented me on my server's success, and then referred me to several other reputable companies, one of which was AllGamer (which has a glowing review on this website). To compliment me, and then recommend a high quality competitor, when a customer outgrows hosting, really shows their dedication to making customers happy!


Minecraft Server Host is a good choice for those interested in having a more managed hosting experience, while retaining the feel of a dedicated environment that a VPS provides (as opposed to shared hosting). They get a big thumbs up from me.

Minecraft Server Host Referral (host offline as of April 20th, 2020)