Prime is a large network, which specializes in Skyblock. The majority of the players were playing in that server on their network at the time of this review. This is a server for readers who are looking for the feel of a large network and community in three refined game modes. The donor perks grant many powerful benefits. Most players I saw on the list were donors.

The layout of this network was unusually clean and intuitive, especially given the complexity of the setup. They have many different game modes and options available, but each one had its place.

As you can see, the first picture is where players spawn in the hub, then you can select a server, and finally, join the selected server. As Skyblock is the main gamemode of this server, I opted for this one as the focus of the review.

The spawn of the Skyblock server, accessible through /spawn (once already in the server) brings you back to the main lobby area for this server. Here, players are able to access all options for the server through different NPC characters standing on the periphery of the area. Everything from obtaining blocks for your island, to buying ranks to support the server are available here.

Next, creating an island is simple. Following the prompts, I was able to successfully create an island to begin.

PrineMC relies heavily on GUI-based navigation. Almost everything is available using these.

At first, I was confused about how to to back to the main Skyblock spawn area. I asked in chat, and did not receive a response. But moments later, popup in chat appeared on my screen, instructing me that if I have a question to use /helpop <message>. This remedied my situation, when a helper responded a few seconds later with the command. It turned out, all I had to do was type /spawn to return to the Skyblock welcome area (or spawn). Simple enough!

The messages on this server were so quick that it made navigating the chat-based menus difficult, as well as reading what people were saying.

Although there was a lot being said, it felt less community-oriented due to the vast number of players online, competing for attention in the small chat window. It came to me like a very small Hypixel, but not focused on games, and instead Skyblock.

Disabling the notifications for "Rock, Paper, Sword" which were filling quickly filling up the chat window helped to slow down the flood of messages. There is also an option, in Skyblock, to restrict chat messages to one's own island.

Briefly while visiting the other gamemodes on Prime, the Survival and Prison server, I noticed the layout was consistent with the Skyblock server.

Last, but certainly not least important, their donation options found in the Skyblock server give an overview of how paid ranks influence gameplay. Their donation options allow options such as /god (invulnerability) and /fly (the ability to fly around one's own island) which give donors a enormous advantage over non-paid players.

In conclusion, Prime has a refined and complex Skyblock survival experience, with a secondary focus on Survival and Prison servers, with changes to the core of the game offered through donation-based perks. Their strengths include a well-developed set of plugins with few bugs or errors, and intuitive controls.

I recommend this network for readers wanting a larger community with a focus on Skyblock and the many upgrades they offer to donors, and the many island setup options offered to everyone.

Interested in joining Prime Network? Connect with, and visit their post and website below.

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