This server is a survival-style server with some enhancements that change how survival plays out. Most important, they have a modpack called SimeFun, which enables modpack-like changes to the game, but without the need to download client mods to play.

The SlimeFun wiki notes:

Slimefun adds Items to Minecraft without the need to install mods. Slimefun4 alone contains far over 400 new Items and Blocks.

Joining Primeval, I spawned into a small welcome town area including information, a display of NPCs representing the server staff, and a place to open crates which are blocks that give you a random item when opened, and can be accessed by obtaining keys on the server.

When trying the backpack block, I ran into a bug where it would send an error from the SlimeFun plugin. After I noticed this, I told the server staff, who did something so that it was no longer showing on my screen when using the feature.

Reporting the bug to online staff

Investigating their donations store, I found that certain donor ranks have the ability to use commands such as /fly, and are given several diamond blocks upon purchase. This server gives strong donor benefits that change the difficulty significantly.

Exploring further out into the server, I found a nice build that was claimed with their land claiming plugin. The server provides each player with an informational book that explains how to easily claim your stuff.

The online staff were friendly and casual, and expressed interest in new players. I was asked how I am doing and what I'm working on. In my limited stay here, the atmosphere was friendly.

This attitude is also exemplified on their Planet Minecraft post:

At Primeval we have a nice, caring community, with all sorts of players. From speed-runners to hardcore survival players, you'll definitely find a friend. We have cool plugins such as Slimefun, Mythic Mobs, and Custom Items. For even more fun, we have Jobs, and Money! You can join a job, and earn money every time you do the thing that that job says!

Primevil is also looking for new staff members, and that is something they are actively advertising.

In conclusion, this server delivers on modified survival Minecraft. Their mix of plugins work reasonably well together. A very new server at 23 days old at the time of writing, they are still I assume, working to iron out bugs and refine their server. Their website looks very impressive and clean, but at the time of writing, lacks https support. Their donation store offers benefits such as the ability to fly around the world for donors, while non-donors lack this ability.

I recommend Primeval for players who enjoy survival and modpacks in a small convivial atmosphere, and are interested in joining a very new server.

Interested in joining Primeval? Connect with, and visit their Planet Minecraft post below.

Primeval [1.15.2 Survival - PVE - Crates - Jobs - Staff Recruitment] Minecraft Server
About At Primeval we have a nice caring community with all sorts of players. From speed runners to hardcore survival players you’ll definitely find a friend. We have cool plugins such as Slimefun Mythic Mobs and Custom Items. For even more fun we have Jobs and Money You can join a job and earn...