Super Fun Time is an exciting and vibrant server, founded in 2010. Immediately upon joining you're greeted with a very colorful spawn area with tons of things going on. However I found that many things were competing for attention – in the server chat and in the spawn area – including the new player information.

This initial difficulty I had was remedied by asking questions in chat, where staff and players alike were more than happy to show me how their novel server worked. During my visit, people were generally more enthusiastic and personable than on other communities I've reviewed.

More welcomes than ever when joining this server

For this review, I told everyone the server was being reviewed. This prompted a discussion with one of their staff, Autpek, who went above and beyond to help me understand the server, and make the most of my stay. He helped to provide some of the information mentioned in this review, among others online at the time.

The place where new people join at the time of this review is in a world called w2. I later discovered this through the help of friendly server staff and players. Eventually, I found the tutorial areas in a world called w1. Both of these two worlds are accessible through the simple commands /w1 and /w2. Staff member Autpek told me that they are working to redesign the welcome experience, and move tutorials closer to where new people join. I was actually only noticed the tutorial area near the end of my review.

The best source of information I found to be the help GUIs and books.

When running the command /help a book was delivered to my inventory, introducing me to the server. Typing /gui brought up a menu showcasing many of the server's featuers, making it simple to find a place to build, protect work, among many other options. (At the time of writing, the larger book about the server was not working when I clicked in the GUI menu, as instructed by the staff member. Instead, they offered me a link to their website showing what I was told contains the same information.)

As this server places emphasis on it's many different gamemodes and options, I decided to try a couple of games as the focus of this review.

First, I joined a challenging yet humorously named gamemode called PizzaSpleef, which is accessible with the command /pizza. (Spleef is the name of a common Minecraft game.) When I arrived, I was pressing the "Start Game" button, without any feedback besides my screen being spammed with "Your inventory has been cleared by @" over and over. Confused, I asked others why I was unable to start a spleef match, and a few people hopped into the game to help. They quicky showed me that I had to stand on the pressure plate area labeled "Join Game Queue" first, and then press the "Start Game" button.

Once I knew how it worked, I found this game really fun and compelling. There were many different kinds of colorful blocks representing different "toppings" on a pizza. We would run around breaking the floor blocks with a provided pickaxe. The floor blocks broke very easily, while the toppings were harder to break. This mix of blocks gave the traditional spleef-style a serious upgrade.

In the middle of my second game, I ran into a hangup with players starting new games when a game was in progress. The game generates lag when the spleef arena is generated. As a result, players who were already involved in a game suffered from this lag, as well as the match being abruptly reset. New players were trying to start playing, when current players were in the middle of a match.

After playing PizzaSpleef, I started a Mob Arena battle with a couple of others. We were able to choose from two sets of armor. One called "Viking" and another called "Archer."

Instructed to right-click the sign to pick a class and once again on the iron block to set one's status to ready started the game. (The lobby area appeared unfinished, or under construction, with dirt blocks comprising parts of it.)

Once equipped with our gear and ready, we were entered into battle. Slowly, the waves of mobs grew increasingly difficult, spawning in the corners of the large and open arena. One wave had a "boss mob" that was a nearly invisible spider, with extra powers. Far more sneaky and unsuspecting, this took me a minute to figure out where the enemy was, but I managed to defeat it with the help of my teammate!

Super Fun Time also features towns, and a creative world, among others – and were to be selected with their GUI function. These are found in /GUI.

Although listed as an option, the command /shc did nothing when entered, and people informed me that this world "got taken down."

Arcticyy informing me that /shc had been taken offline

Donor benefits on here include the ability for one to purchase a "fly" perk for the whole server to use, which includes the survival worlds, but does not include the Nether world and The End world. I experienced this perk myself, as someone had recently donated. I was able to fly around the world easily.

Upon leaving the spawn of one of the survival worlds, the land opens up for people to start building. They also offer an option in /GUI to teleport to a "random piece of land."

In conclusion, Super Fun Time offers original and exciting games (PizzaSpleef, Mob Area), as well as game modes and options (creative, survival, town). From running around on a giant pizza and battling invisible spiders, to setting into a town with friends, there are many ways to have a, well, super fun time. The difficulties I had as a new player were centered around figuring how to proceed among the many options, and the previously mentioned bugs and gameplay hangups.

All in all, I recommend Super Fun Time for those seeking custom game modes, novel featuers, a friendly and enthusiastic community, and mature and helpful staff. SFT delivers on those fronts.

Interested in joining Super Fun Time? Connect with:, and visit their Planet Minecraft listing and website below.

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