Survival Fun is a unique server. They incorporate land claims with economy in survival, while adding small changes like "microblocks." The economy is based on diamonds, which keeps the feel of the server closer to vanilla. Trades with the shops found around spawn, reducing the cost of high-value items. The "microblocks" are heads which look like blocks. Mending books can be had for a single diamond. The players were friendly and happy. I enjoyed my time during the review.

Their homes system allows one to teleport from anywhere by typing /home, if they do not move within three seconds, to their marked location previously set with /sethome. This common feature reduces vanilla difficulty significantly, with the benefit of convenience. They also have enabled a command, /wild, allowing players to teleport to random locations instantly, rendering long distance travel not necessary.

Though their chat design and help menu was very well laid out and organized for new players, several commands and all links were broken in my testing. (Typing /help shows a list of commands.) But, upon typing /homes which says it is supposed to list homes, teleported me to my assumedly initial "home" location, the server spawn.

In my testing, all links were broken in the help menu, when clicked. They added symbols to the URL upon inspection, which caused the link to malfunction, in my testing. Once removed, the links worked. Another player informed me they worked for them, so this may not happen to everyone.

The claiming system seemed to work well, as almost all things I came across had claimed on them. From diamond trees, to campfires under trees, this server has some funny creations.

Overall, this server had a very impressive chat theme and rustic spawn which gave the server a distinct feel and character. Seeing no chat spam and a more clean minimal setup differentiates this server from others. The diamond-based economy could demonstrate their dedication to the survival gamemode, while wanting to incorporate other features. However, the broken links left me a little confused.

All in all, I recommend this server for survival players who enjoy teleport convenience, and like economy servers. This is somewhat of a mixture of those focuses

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Survival Fun is a friendly semi vanilla survival community that has been around for nearly 3 years. Our server is for players looking for a community...