When joining this server, you'll land inside of a large multi-teired build composed of mostly desert blocks. Presumably, this is the "Oasis" area where players are safe from mobs and hostile attacks. It has a very original design, with many patterns everywhere.

Pictured below is one of the many warp locations. They are predetermined in the world, and send players to these outpost structures.

The server's ranking system is based off of voting and donations. Voting ranks I assume are to help the server gain popularity. It seemed like it was working, since every time I had checked the server before reviewing it, it had a fair ammount of players on. Something like 10-30 each time.

Donation ranks are to support the server financially, and confer various benefits.

On theier Planet Minecraft page, the server's mission is very clear.

The Oasis is a server geared towards a simple, relaxing, worry-free, survival experience.
This is achieved with our simple rules, friendly community, professionally active staff and our plugins.

In my limited experience on this server, it lives up to what it claims. The Oasis does have several featuers which reduce the difficulty of the server, such as voting on the weather, and a world border which teleports players to the spawn if hit more than once. This, I was told by a player, is to prevent people from falling into lava. (The issue of players being bounced into lava is not a feature of the vanilla world border, but is a concern with this setup.)

Players voting on the weather on The Oasis

The view distance leaves something to be desired. I am only able to see around 5 chunks ahead – but it is definitely playable. It may help FPS for players strugging with choppy frames, on the other hand.

All in all, what stuck out to me most was the maturity of the community. The simple rules, and kind players helping me discover their server was a refreshing difference that is increasingly rare on servers these days. I recommend this server for these reasons.

Interested in joining? Connect with play.theoasismc.com, and visit their Planet Minecraft page below.

The Oasis - A Relaxing Survival Experience Minecraft Server
The Oasis is a server geared towards a simple relaxing worry free survival experience. This is achieved with our simple rules friendly community professionally active staff and our plugins. We pride ourselves on our community who respect each other and are helpful and friendly. Meet new people...
The Oasis on Planet Minecraft