Tiny Island Life is a server based around the Skyblock game mode, but instead of being in the sky, you are placed onto an actual tiny island to start your place. This island acts as your central building location, from which you can teleport to other worlds, and bring in supplies, building whatever you can imagine. These other worlds include the Nether, The End, and a "resource gathering world" which is a non-island survival world.

On joining, I was placed in a large welcoming spawn location. Other players welcomed and helped me figure out how the server worked. I felt invited to ask questions and chat with the online players at the time of review.

It is worth noting that this server has donation options which allow players to fly, but only within their own island. That means, they are not allowed to fly in the other words that are for resource gathering and exploring. Other noteworthy donation benefits include completely removing hunger and fall damage. These changes alter the difficulty for donors.

To start playing, type /is and /info. These two commands created my island, and linked me to a guide that told me lots of information about the server.

Joining my... literal tiny island! :)

I had a visual issue with the border on my new tiny island. The border of the island was small enough that, with the render distance at mid-to-far distances, the border created a dizzying pattern all around the area, when standing in the center of the island. This can be solved by reducing the render distance.

After getting setup on my island, I decided to explore the other worlds. There is not a whole lot to do here without the aid of these other worlds. Several commands allow you to instantly teleport to other worlds. Teleportation, as far as I was able to tell, works from anywhere in the worlds. This speeds up gameplay and convenience, while reducing vanilla-level difficulty and time.

Teleporting to the different worlds was simple. /warp <world> is all that is needed to move between them. Tiny Island Life is a very intuitive and easy-to-use server on all fronts.

Above you can see the various teleport locations I tested in this review. To The End, the Nether, and the resource world. Once in the resource world, I typed /wild to "randomly teleport" to an area. This was quick and put me in, what looked like to me, a relatively untouched desert location.

In conclusion, Tiny Island Life delivers on creating an easy-to-use Skyblock variant, located in the ocean, instead of the sky. The server is simple to use, with players friendly and helpful. (At the time of review, the only staff member online was AFK.) Donor perks do reduce the difficulty of the server by nerfing certain gameplay aspects, but do not allow flying outside of one's own island.

I recommend Tiny Island Life for anyone seeking a simple island-based Skyblock experience, and who wants easy teleportation, and are okay with moderately strong donor benefits.

Interested in joining Tiny Island Life? Connect with play.tinyisland.life. Visit their Planet Minecraft post below, and website here.

Tiny Island Life Minecraft Server
PLAY.TINYISLAND.LIFE WEBSITE DISCORD Tiny Island Life TIL is a community oriented server with a unique gamemode made up of elements from Skyblock Survival Plots and a bit of RPG. Basic Gameplay FULL GUIDE You start out in Las Pi as which is the spawn island. This island is home to the natives...