This server is run by SpacePuppeh, the same person who runs this website. Our server is semi-vanilla survival. Since I started playing Minecraft in Alpha, I've always appreciated the open-ended and unstructured creativity – it's what makes Minecraft, Minecraft. Building on that theme, I developed True Minecraft. Upon joining, you'll be automatically placed near other new players, in an area where you'll find ample resources and space to build. You can always travel further away, to totally vacant land in the wilderness. The choice is yours! :)

The commands and general gameplay are kept simple, with an emphasis on the core of the game, and the creativity that brings, instead of on learning many commands and alternate ways of playing.

Update April 23, 2020: The new spawn pictures have been posted, introducing prospective players to what we have to offer.


Our server rules here are very simple. Basically it's about being respectful to others and not stirring up drama or trolling. We very rarely have to ban anyone. Trolls don't find our server any fun. Run /rules in game for the list.


Our playerbase has a diverse age range, and includes people from all walks of life, and may continents, with most residing in North America, where we are hosted.

Disclaimer & Note: This server is run by the same people who have created


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