This server is an RPG style survival community. They have jobs, quests, and land claims, among other perks. The focus is on accomplishing goals to level up, ascending in-game ranks by doing jobs and quests, while building in protected survival claims.

Joining ZeusMC

Players were welcoming, while engaged with what they were doing. Exploring spawn, the server was clearly explained with several NPC characters showing guides and information, as well as commands featuring the same functionality.

Selecting the rank of Woodsman, for example, would allow you to get more money for your sales of wood to the server. Picking the right job for your preferred task is key for ranking up on ZeusMC.

The higher ranks on ZeusMC do significantly change the experience. Notably, the second-highest rank allows people to fly at any time.

Clicking on the RTP NPC sent me to a random location. It was filled with mobs and appeared unoccupied. Once I found a spot, typing /land claim made it simple to claim the chunk in which I was currently standing. Typing it again on neighboring chunks performed the same action. After a few of them, it would begin to charge me in-game money to expand further.

All in all, I recommend this server for players who like plugins like mcMMO, enjoy RPG servers, and like the idea of doing quests and jobs to gain ranks, which change the feel and experience of the game as the perks get better and better.

Interested in joining ZeusMC? Connect with, and visit their Planet Minecraft post below.

ZeusMC Minecraft Server
ZeusMC is a newly established 1.15.2 survival server aimed at providing players with a classic server feel Survive on your own or with friends while also earning money from jobs quests and selling items. You can climb through our rank system using in game money to earn perks rewards and commands...
ZeusMC on Planet Minecraft